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Announcements from the June 23, 2015 Presbytery Meeting (mobile: swipe to control)
Cents-Ability Hunger Program Logo

Cents-Ability is a small first step in the battle against hunger and poverty.  By contributing just 2 cents for each meal you eat as a way of giving thanks for the blessings you have received ... Read more

Summer is a time of fun and excitement for many children, but for those who rely on free or reduced-price school meals during the school year, many miss out on the nutrition provided in a daily glass of milk.  Milk is in short supply at local food pantries and is especially needed during the summer months. You can help bring fresh milk to children and families in need by Joining the Mooovement - the Great American Milk Drive!

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The Congregational Development and Transformation Team has purchased a subscription to MissionInsite....Read more

The 2015 Presbytery Directory is available on the web site....Read more


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