Serving Our Community

The following groups of the presbytery of Detroit serve the communities of Metro Detroit.

Group Name Description Contact
Domestic Violence Description coming soon. Contact Domestic Violence
Hands on Mission We are members of the Presbytery who act as a link to connect congregations with hands-on mission projects both in and outside of our presbytery. We do this by interpreting mission needs and organizing projects to support those needs our members feel called to serve....more Contact Hands on Mission
Howell Nature Center Sponsored by the Presbytery of Detroit, the Howel Nature Center offers high adventure programs, Christian summer camps, conferences, environmental education, and wildlife rehabilitation.    Contact Howell Nature Center
Hunger Ministries Support Working in partnership with its congregations, the Presbytery has established Hunger Ministry Support Teams that operate from its churches. These churches share involvement, hands-on ministry, funding, and moral support with other churches in our Presbytery.  .. more  
Metropolitan Urban Ministries In response to God’s call, Presbyterians see themselves as interconnected and interdependent. Anything that happens in one part of the Presbytery affects people, communities and congregations in other parts. Though there are particular communities in Southeastern Michigan with which people identify as residents, they see themselves as citizens of the metropolitan area, connected and accountable to people in other communities. Where one rejoices we all rejoice.  Where one suffers we all suffer. We believe ourselves called to ministry across every line of conflict to achieve reconciliation...more Contact Metropolitan Urban Ministries
Mission Interpretation The Mission Interpretation Team interprets and enhances the relationship of the Presbytery and its congregations with the mission programs of the governing bodies of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and related ecumenical bodies.  What We Do The Mission Interpretation team encourages congregations to support our shared missions. provides memberships to and liaisons with our local mission partners. explores and creates new mission partnerships between and among congregations in the Presbytery. Contact Mission Interpretation
Month of Mission Each October, the Presbytery of Detroit celebrates a Month of Mission. We will learn more about the mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as mission workers from all over the world come to the Detroit metro area to share their stories with us. Look at our October calender to find opportunities to learn about what God has been up to in the life of the Presbyterian church and its world. Contact Month of Mission
Second Mile Center Our purpose is to build a strong community presence; embracing families, youth, volunteers, and trainees to come together; helping them discover their talents and gifts and leading them in the direction of using these talents and gifts to play it forward in the community. Contact Second Mile Center
Multicultural Ministries

Multicultural Ministry Team will provide leadership and resources to the Presbytery of Detroit and its member churches in the area of multicultural ministry by providing tools, sharing skills, and modeling multicultural ministry.  It will provide leadership and resources to the Presbytery of Detroit and its member churches in the area of racism by raising awareness, providing training, and offering resources for dealing with racism.

Contact Multicultural Ministries
Presbyterian Men Men from diverse congregation gather to socialize, study, and do good works. Presbyterian Men
Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Detroit Presbyterian Women (PW) is an independent organization within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) of more than 300,000 women. A major part of the Purpose of Presbyterian Women is to support the mission of the church and to work for social justice. Contact Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Detroit
Self-Development of People Self-Development of People is a ministry that affirms God’s concern for humankind.  We are Presbyterians and ecumenical partners dissatisfied with poverty and oppression, united in faith and action through sharing, confronting, and enabling.  We participate in the empowerment of economically poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged people, seeking to change the structures that perpetuate poverty, oppression and injustice. Contact Self-Development of People
Social Justice Social Justice Matters! The Presbytery of Detroit does more than pray about unjust laws and practices that negatively affect the most vulnerable people in our area. Through the Social Justice Team, we hope to raise awareness of social injustice, and develop programs to respond to ethical and moral issues affecting our area.  We believe that the racially and culturally diverse communities of the Detroit metro area are interdependent and interrelated. We empower our congregations to embrace and foster economic, social, political and spiritual diversity. Contact Social Justice