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Presbytery of Detroit is using Google Drive to manage it's publicly accessible files so that users have the ability to quickly view files and folders.

These two webpages on our site display a clickable view of each document server:​

Or you can go directly to Google Drive (opens in a pop-up window) where you may view them without needing to sign in to google. If you need to search for something, you will need to be logged in to a google account. Sign in to any google account (or create one - it is easy). Once logged in to Google, come back to this website, and click this link (opens in a new window). You will now see a blue button in the upper right that says Add to Drive, and after clicking that, another button that says Open in Drive. Once these files and folders are in your personal Google Drive, they are searchable and folders as well as files are downloadable. You can safely remove the folder from your personal drive when you are done - or leave it there to have immediate access to future meeting documents.

If you have a email address (you are on a presbytery committee or ministry team or are Presbytery of Detroit clergy), you can log in to that account, and in your Drive, you will find the public documents under Shared With Me.

If you need to use the Traditional Document Server, this listing of files (as of July 17, 2014) might be helpful.


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